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CNME STUDY DAY - Paediatric Presentations
From: 31/03/2019 21:30 PM
To: 31/03/2019 17:30 PM

Event Details



Paediatric Presentations with Tara Trickey, Clinical Nurse Teacher South West Healthcare

Monday 1st April, 2019

 (WDHS staff are required to complete the Request to Attend Form in addition to purchasing tickets)

Registration: $52 ¦   Graduate Nurses and Students $26

Lunch and refreshments provided


About the Presenters:

Tara Trickey : Tara studied at Monash University and spent her final 6 months of nursing in Sweden where she fell in love with Paediatrics. Tara completed her Graduate year at Monash Hospital. She completed a Transition to Paediatrics program rotating through Special Care Nursery, Emergency, Surgical and Medical Paediatric Wards before completing her Post-graduate studies at Monash University in Paediatrics. On graduation she joined The Royal Children’s Hospital Intensive Care Unit team. Tara moved to Warrnambool where she completed a graduate certificate at Deakin University in Critical Care and has been working between Emergency and Intensive Care Units. More recently she has joined the Education Team as a Nurse Clinical Teacher at South West Healthcare Warrnambool.

David Briggs: Unit Manager of Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit. David has a Graduate Certificate of Critical Care.

Claire Toole: ANUM Emergency Department. Claire has a Diploma of Critical Care and A Masters of Nursing Education









Paediatric General Overview
Paediatric Observations & Assessment
Victor Charts discussion
Paediatric Immunisations
Paediatric assessment equipment discussion

1000- 1030

Paediatric Medication Resources and Calculations







Respiratory Assessment
Assessment and recording of respiratory system
Bronchiolitis Case Study
Asthma Case Study
High Flow Nasal Prongs/Airvo Discussion


New State-wide update


1300 - 1330




1330 - 1430

How to perform Fluid Assessment
Dehydrated Patient Case Study


1430 - 1630

Practical Workshops
Trauma & Neurovascular Assessment
Febrile Convulsions & Neurological Assessment
Choking Child Management & Clean MSU Catchment


Please Note:

  •  There is NO smoking allowed on any campus of Western District Health Service
  • The temperature in our centre runs at 20º C. Please dress to suit this temperature – bring a jacket/warm top. 
  • Parking is available on Foster St (avoid 2 hour parks) and Kitchener St

For further information please contact Chris McGennisken on 5551 8266 or chris.mcgennisken@wdhs.net